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On 18th of November 2023, the 13th edition of the Mirabaud BaselHead Regatta will take place on the Rhine in the middle of Basel.

100 crews from about ten countries chase each other over a 6.4 kilometer headrace through the middle of Basel. Beside the Mirabaud Classic the 350 meter Sprint will be an attraction. Thousands of fans cheer them on, and there are attractive cash prizes to be won.

The long-distance Mirabaud Classic starts and finishes near the “Mittlere Brücke” bridge. It’s a demanding course both for athletes and coxes, and an excellent advertisement for the sport of rowing. For spectators, there’s excitement all the way.


Entries are limited to 100 crews. Be sure of your place at the11th BaselHead 13th of November 2021.

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Supported by

Our thanks go to the above-named companies and organisations for their loyalty and support as well as the company Putztüüfeli GmbH which is responsible for the cleanliness of our cloakrooms. Would you like to get on board? The Mirabaud BaselHead is grateful for all forms of assistance, and would be delighted to welcome you as a sponsor or patron.

Please feel free to get in touch.



  • Matthias Schmitz
  • +41 78 815 95 55


  • Charlotte Sprüngli-Christensen
  • +41 76 819 22 61

Race Officials

  • Lucas Tramèr
  • E-Mail


  • Kerstin Robisch
  • +49 170 558 5057
  • E-Mail


  • Jan Olaf
  • +49 175 911 76 20
  • E-Mail



  • Martin Steiger
  • 079 415 90 44
  • E-Mail


The Mirabaud BaselHead is hosted by the Basel Trinational Regatta Association, TRB. Its founding members are five local rowing clubs:

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